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Do you want to build a brand for your POD business in 2019?

how to build a brand

In the field of print on demand, you’ve probably been hearing people talk about how important it is to BUILD A BRAND.

Why is it important?

First off, let me say that it’s not imperative for EVERYBODY. People do POD for a variety of reasons, and creating their own brand is not always on their radar or necessarily should be. Some do it just for a bit of pocket money and don’t want to take it further than that…and that’s fine.


If you see POD as something you want to do forever, or at least for a long time – and you want it to be profitable – it’s something you should seriously consider.

It’s no secret that people are fiercely loyal to brands they love! They will buy almost anything that brand puts out because they identify with its values or mission, because it’s the cool thing to do, or because they just plain love the products.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if buyers felt that way about YOUR brand?

You would also be building something that has solid value. If you decided to stop doing POD at some point, you’d have something with equity that you could literally sell.

And there’s this…

The future will favor brands over random print-on-demand sellers.

Have you noticed how it’s getting harder to get eyeballs on your products? Harder to find products that allow you to make a decent royalty? Harder to keep coming up with new and fresh ideas in niches that are over-saturated?

Creating a recognizable brand will help you with those problems and give you a sustainable asset for life.

That is my goal for 2019

I’ve been working toward that since I began in POD almost 2-1/2 years ago, but not with any real consistency or focus. It’s definitely time to make that a PRIORITY.

The first big step I’m taking in that direction is to take the Brandability course put on by, led by Brianna Moller Greene, Aaron Englert, and Dennis Duncan.

These are million-dollar sellers sharing their knowledge with us, holding our hands through the process of building a brand, and guiding us toward whatever is going to work best for our individual situation.

You can learn more about that here.