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Updating your Merch listings fast when Amazon changes its mind

So Amazon has recently rolled out some more changes to the upload process (for many of us, not me yet at the time of this writing) as well as its Terms of Service. The hand-wringing in the Facebook groups has begun in earnest, things like “How am I going to change 1,000 PopSocket listings without it taking all summer?” and “I have to edit every listing to remove the keyword stuffing – anybody know how I can do this fast?”

First, try not to think of it as Amazon trying to make your life miserable. They’re really not.

I’ve been Merching for almost 3 years, and I’ve seen vast improvement in the whole process over that course of time. They’re working out the kinks and making things better for all of us (at least those of us who don’t violate the TOS or steal other people’s designs).

So while it can be a huge pain to have to edit listings, we are being trained to Merch responsibly. This will translate to more success in the future if we follow their guidelines closely.

How to get it done AFAP (As Fast As Possible)

Two words: MERCH WIZARD!

Merch Wizard will SAVE you MONEY and TIME and make your Merch life MUCH easier. I can’t stress this enough.

There is simply no way to do this efficiently using only Amazon’s dashboard interface. You have to have something more.

You’ve probably heard of Merch Wizard, but maybe you 1) haven’t had time to check it out, 2) it seems too confusing, or 3) you don’t have the money right now.

I can’t do anything about #3, but regardless of your reasons, please read on – you won’t regret it.

The intimidation factor

I got Merch Wizard almost as soon as it was released, but when all the updates started coming fast and furious, I was busy with other things and kind of got behind. Then I hesitated to go back to it because it seemed like there was too much to learn.

But after watching a demo recently, I was reminded of how incredibly powerful this app is. I also saw how the developers have made a strenuous effort to make it simpler for us with each update. It’s not as hard to use as you think.

The extension has a window where you can do many of the functions, but Merch Wizard also puts buttons right within your Manage tab in Merch and on individual product pages for your convenience.


They have a free tier!

Even just the free tier will make your life so much easier. You can decide from there whether you want to upgrade to a higher tier for more of the amazing benefits below.

Friends don’t let friends Merch without it!

Here’s what I suggest: Quiet that voice that is saying “this is too complicated” or “it’s too confusing,” and set aside a couple of hours one day soon to watch the videos at or the live demo I watched in their Facebook group at There’s also a demo of the free tier at

Even if you have to spend a whole day or so learning how to use it and experimenting with it, that’s more than enough time to get going with it and really see the benefits. And from then on, you will NOT know how you did Merch without it!

Things you will LOVE about Merch Wizard

Here’s a quick list of some of the features you will fall in love with:

••• View all your listings in an Airtable spreadsheet with ONE CLICK, including the full-size PNGs (which means this also serves as an automatic backup of your files)

••• Use filters to view just the listings that have sold, or just the PopSockets, or just the ones you put on pink shirts, or…you get the idea!

••• Get a link to a selection of your listings to share with people via email or in your social media.

••• Find and replace phrases or words that are now against the TOS (as we discussed above)

••• Bulk change your prices (another biggie!)

••• View your sales stats and see which products have reviews

••• Use MW to list on other platforms besides Merch, including your titles/descriptions/keywords

••• Translate to German with one click for listing in the .de marketplace

••• Generate descriptions for your listings

…and my favorite:

••• Easily RELIST designs that have fallen off! (This alone is worth the price, seriously)

What if you hate Airtable?

If Airtable stresses you out or intimidates you, know that you can use Merch Wizard without ever going into Airtable once you’ve set it up initially. There are some neat tricks you’ll miss out on if you don’t, but all the main things I mentioned above are doable right within the browser extension.

What about the cost?

Now, not all of these features are available in all pricing tiers, but one or two of them ALONE would make the highest tier totally worth it!

And as I mentioned, you can always start on the free tier to get your feet wet and then upgrade to whichever tier will be most useful to you.

The sale of only 2 or 3 products per month would pay for Merch Wizard.

Here’s what a couple of people in their FB group have posted recently:


Support with a piece of software like this is crucial. And this team is INCREDIBLE when it comes to helping its users learn to navigate it like pros! It’s in their best interests that you succeed with this app, so all you have to do is drop a post in their Facebook group or email them and they will help you get up and running.

So if you are making Merch one of your main income streams, don’t let another day go by without using Merch Wizard.

The bottom line…

Merch Wizard will save you time – time that you could better use making new designs or building your business in some other way. You can’t be spending hours and days and weeks editing listings and relisting stuff that has fallen off. That’s going to lose you way more money than Merch Wizard costs.

Click a link below and put the Wizard to work for you!

Merch Wizard: lifetime
Merch Wizard: monthly

The links above are affiliate links, which mean I make a small commission if you use them to purchase Merch Wizard. I use MW myself and can absolutely recommend it without hesitation, and that’s the only kind of products I promote. If you don’t wish to use the links, that’s A-okay too, just google “Merch Wizard” or use the tutorials link in the above post.