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What’s hot right now? No- and low-content books!

They’ve actually been hot for a while, but I believe their peak in popularity is still ahead of us. There are lots of wide-open niches available on KDP (which recently merged with CreateSpace).

It’s super easy to take your Merch or other POD designs and put them on journal covers, notebooks, coloring books, or any type of book you can think of.

But some have concerns about KDP, and we’ll address them here briefly.

Concern #1

I’ve heard not all shirt designs work well on book covers.

That’s true. Not ALL will, but MANY, MANY do. Would YOU like a journal or notebook with your design on the cover? If so, then someone else will too.

Concern #2

The upload process is more difficult and time-consuming.

Well, it is…just slightly. But not bad at all. And KDP is much better than CreateSpace was, in my opinion. It’s less clunky, more visually appealing, more straightforward, and faster.

And like with anything else, once you’ve done it a couple of times, you get your groove on and you can get pretty speedy at it.

Concern #3

The royalties are too low.

Again, it’s true that they are lower than for Merch or most other PODs. But – and this is a big BUT – we are talking low-cost items here, items that people buy in multiple quantities, that they add to their order to reach a free shipping threshold, and that they buy on impulse because a lot of them are under $10. This will add up fast!

Concern #4

I don’t know where to start.

Understandable – it’s a new thing and unlike with a shirt, you have to be concerned with the interior as well as the cover.

But I’ve got you covered! Check out my KDP Interiors Package. It has five fresh interiors that you haven’t seen on Amazon before.

1) Dream Journal – 100 or 200 pages
2) Habit Tracker – 100 or 200 pages
3) Acts of Kindness Journal – 100 or 200 pages
4) Recipe Journal – 100 or 200 pages
5) Steps/Sips/Sleep Journal – 104 pages (1 week per page for a total of 2 years’ journaling)


It also includes 20 beautiful patterns that you can use as backgrounds for your covers, and 7 cover plates. Just pop a cover plate on a pattern, your book title on the cover plate, and you’re done! Or add your own graphics to jazz it up even more.

I’d love to see you give it a try!

This gives you everything you need to get started! Start a paperback on KDP, upload a ready-to-go interior, upload a practically-done-for-you cover, and then all that’s left is to fill out the book details (title, description, price, etc.).

Check out the package here:

See a video on how to use the package to get your first low-content book uploaded within the next few minutes:

Contact me with any questions or problems – I’d be glad to help!

NOTE: This KDP interiors package with its bonuses is FREE to students of my POD Squad Graphic Design and Photoshop/Illustrator Training (future packages like this will be too), so if you’ve been thinking of enrolling, now would be a great time. Sign up now at the link above and get immediate access to the training AND the KDP package!

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