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When your motivation is AWOL

What do you do when your motivation is flagging because of slow sales? 

First, you’re not alone! There are many, including myself, whose sales so far in 2018 have been dismal, whether on Merch, Etsy, Shopify, or whatever. Throttling is still in effect here and there (on Merch), plus it could be the economy in general, the time of year (definitely), and who knows what else?!

When that’s the case, it’s hard to get motivated to put up more designs.

 But regular uploading on various platforms seems to trigger sales for some, so there’s that.

And it’s still a numbers game – at least to some extent. You are undeniably more likely to sell your designs if you have 5,000 out there than if you have 300.

So what should you do? 

Ignore the PODs. Ignore the moaning and groaning in the Facebook groups.

Just keep designing. After that, do some more designs. And when you’re done with that, design some more.

👎 You won’t get more sales by spending your time complaining about slow sales.

👎 You won’t get more sales by checking your dashboards 50 times a day.

👎 You won’t get more sales by checking to see which of your shirts are live on Amazon and which are being suppressed (throttled).

Things beyond your control will change from time to time: Throttling will start/end, the economy will improve/decline, seasons will march on, etc.

All you can do is keep designing and uploading.

Go forth and conquer!